Red Phantom Tetra
Red Phantom Tetra

Red Phantom Tetra

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The red Phantom Tetra is a vivid expansion to any freshwater network aquarium. The striking shading example of the semi-straightforward red body is complemented with darker red markings in the balances. The tutoring idea of the Red Phantom Tetra makes an amazing presentation when kept in a school of at any rate at least six people.

The Red Phantom Tetra is an individual from the Characidae Family that is regularly mistaken for the comparative Serpae Tetra. In the wild, these eye-getting tetras are found in the tributaries and waterways of Columbia, South America.

The perfect aquarium arrangement for the Red Phantom Tetra ought to incorporate an assortment of live plants, rocks and driftwood to reproduce regular living space and give concealing spaces. Like other tetra species, the male Red Phantom Tetra will have a more extended more articulated dorsal balance than the plumper female.

The common eating routine of the Red Phantom Tetra comprises basically of little creepy crawlies and planktonic creatures. Be that as it may, it will acknowledge solidified or solidify dried saline solution shrimp, daphnia, bloodworms tubifex, just as miniaturized scale pellet sustenance and top notch chip nourishments.


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