Green Neon Tetra
Green Neon Tetra

Green Neon Tetra

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The Green Neon Tetra is little local fish to South American streams. It is for the most part found in forested zones in languid blackwaters off fundamental stream channels. The water there is regularly recolored dim darker with humic corrosive and different synthetic compounds discharged by rotting natural issue like leaves, and so forth. You will need to utilize Peat granules, blackwater separate or comparative for best outcomes. The pH can be as low as 3.0 or 4.0 which is madly low obviously they will live in a lot higher waters, for example, 7.5 without issue. The thick rainforest shade above implies that regularly next to no light infiltrates the water’s surface so remember this when keeping these fish. The Green Neon Tetra is practically indistinguishable from the Cardinal Tetra aside from they are a lot simpler to raise for practically any specialist. On account of the district of the existence where they are from they will do best in milder water and low light arrangements. Skimming plants like water sprite, wisteria, val grasse are perfect and might be utilized for haven from brilliant lights. Feed little fish sustenance equation or stop dried bloodworms once every week. Try not to utilize live or solidified sustenance as a staple nourishment for Neon Green Tetras. These are Ominvores, so they will take practically any nourishment you offer. This is an exceptionally tranquil fish. Like different tetras, the Green Neon Tetra will do best when kept in huge numbers.


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