Black Phantom Tetra Large-
Black Phantom Tetra Large-

Black Phantom Tetra Large-


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The Black Phantom Tetra makes its home in South America in upper Paraguay and in regions of Brazil including the Guaporé River bowl and Rio San Francisco. In certain territories, for example, Guapore (Brazil) and Paraguay, they can be found in clear waters that stream into the wetlands of Pantanal. In different zones, nonetheless, they lean toward moderate moving, dinky water that is thick with vegetation. Dark Phantom Tetras are tutoring fish, and they live in gatherings. In the wild, they eat bugs, worms, and shellfish. The species is under no risk and is broadly appropriated.

Ghosts incline toward a well-planted tank (especially with drifting plants), stifled lighting, and a dim substrate, for example, stream sand. You might need to incorporate some dried leaves and driftwood in the tank, and change the water reasonably as often as possible.

Dark Phantom Tetras are a functioning animal varieties, so they do best in a tank that is in any event 20 inches in length; while they can make due in a littler tank, they do best in around 20 gallons. It’s a smart thought to have a tight fitting spread, as Black Phantom Tetras can and do hop. Water parameters are not basic and might be delicate to hard, acidic to somewhat antacid, yet water ought to be changed every now and again. Keep them in schools, ideally of about at least six.

It is ordinary for guys to guarantee little domains and squabble with different guys over their turf; in any case, the fights are minor without damage. They can be captivating to watch, as the conduct is uncommon.

Dark Phantom Tetras are tutoring fish, so they do best in gatherings of at any rate at least six. They additionally well with different tetras and look especially hitting when matched with the Red Phantom Tetra. Dark Phantom Tetras are likewise good with other serene fish yet can be undermined by progressively forceful species. Some great alternatives for tankmates incorporate other live-bearing fish, for example, gouramis, danionins, rasboras, and cichlids.

Dark Phantoms make a shocking balance fish when matched with their red-shaded cousins, for example, the Red Phantom, Jewel, or Serpae tetras. They are an alluring and quiet individual from the tetra family, and their level oval body is shimmering dim with an unmistakable sprinkle of dark edged in white simply behind the gills. The balances of the male are edged in dark, while the blades of females have a rosy tint that occasionally makes them be mistaken for different types of tetras.


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