Emperor Tetras
Emperor Tetras

Emperor Tetras

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The Emperor Tetra is a serene fish that can be housed in any network aquarium. Its balances are translucent and the tail has a one of a kind look that will interest the fledgling to the master aquarist. Initially from South America, the Emperor Tetra makes an extraordinary expansion to the network aquarium.

The Emperor Tetra can be in a housed with delicate water fish to salty water fish. Plants, rocks, and driftwood help to improve its common living space and give concealing spots.

The Emperor Tetra will breed every so often in an aquarium setting and a medical clinic or “reproducing tank” will be essential. Marginally acidic water is best for ideal rearing propensities. In the wake of producing, evacuate the guardians to keep them from eating their posterity.

The Emperor Tetra will acknowledge numerous little sustenances, for example, salt water shrimp or daphnia, solidify dried bloodworms and tubifex, small scale pellet nourishment, and an astounding chip nourishment.

The Emperor Tetra is one of our most regal tetras, thanks in part to its defining black stripe running along the length of its body.


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