Small Schooling Fish

Small Schooling Fish
    • Amandae Tetra


      Amandae Tetra involves the top and center dimension of the water section, in spite of the fact that it can frequently be seen swimming and encouraging in the center and base dimensions also. It is protected with other tranquil, little fish. Because of its additional little size, it very well may be seen as like microrasboras to the extent its…

    • Black Neon Tetra


      The black neon tetra is an enthusiastic fish with a wonderful character that is similarly lovely to take a gander at. Put this fish among differentiating plants and a dim foundation and you will have a dynamic and delightful aquarium. The black neon tetra is local to the Paraguay bowl of southern Brazil. In the wild, these fish lean toward…

    • Black Phantom Tetra Large-


      The Black Phantom Tetra makes its home in South America in upper Paraguay and in regions of Brazil including the Guaporé River bowl and Rio San Francisco. In certain territories, for example, Guapore (Brazil) and Paraguay, they can be found in clear waters that stream into the wetlands of Pantanal. In different zones, nonetheless, they lean toward moderate moving, dinky…

    • Colombian Redfin Tetra

      [caption id="attachment_2676" align="alignnone" width="368"] Colombian Red Fin tetras[/caption]
    • Daisys rice fish (Oryzias woworae)


      It has demonstrated to be versatile with no exceptional prerequisites as far as style however it will, in general, be less colorful when kept up in a scantily enhanced set-up. It seemingly glances best in a presentation motivated by its common territory which could comprise of a sandy substrate, some water-worn tree roots, and branches in addition to a couple…

    • Gold Zebra Danio


      The mainstream Gold Zebra Danio has a brilliant metallic body featured with yellow stripes that run on a level plane over its body. In your home aquarium, this individual from the Cyprinidae family lean towards a well-planted aquarium with huge, open swimming territories. For the best outcomes, keep this serene fish in schools. The Gold Zebra Danio coexists with other…

    • Green Neon Tetra


      The Green Neon Tetra is little local fish to South American streams. It is for the most part found in forested zones in languid blackwaters off fundamental stream channels. The water there is regularly recolored dim darker with humic corrosive and different synthetic compounds discharged by rotting natural issue like leaves, and so forth. You will need to utilize Peat…

    • Silver Tipped Tetra


      This little fish reaches up to 1.2 in standard length.The guys have a copper shading, the females are progressively pale and gleaming. Both have white tips on the blades, thus the name. They vary from most different tetras by coming up short on a little second dorsal (fat) balance. Silvertip tetras have a dark region at the base of their…

    • Albino Cherry Barb


      Care level :?Easy Diet: Omnivore Temperament : Peaceful Max Size: 2″ Scientific Name:?Puntius titteya Family : Cyprinidae

    • Albino Cory Catfish XL


      The Albino Cory Catfish is one of the most popular Cory cats. It will grow to about 2 inches. They will thrive in a community aquarium. They are best if kept in schools. When kept in small groups, it may become skittish. They are easy to care and peaceful. They can reach up to 2″ size. When you buy from…

    • Black Emperor Tetra


      Black Emperor Tetra The Black Emperor Tetra is one of the best tetras for the ‘general’ community setup. It is lively, peaceful and its colors offer a pleasing contrast to those of many other species. It’s a good tankmate for most commonly available livebearers, danionins, rasboras, other tetras and peaceful bottom dwellers such as Corydoras or smaller Loricariids. Worldwide Fish…

    • Mickey Mouse Platty


      Care level : Easy Diet: Omnivore Temperament : Peaceful Max Size: 3? Scientific Name: Xiphophorus maculatus Family : Poeciliidae

    • Green aneus corydoras cat


      Care level : Easy Diet:?Omnivore Temperament : Peaceful Max Size: 2.5″ Scientific Name:Corydoras?Aeneus Family : Callichthyidae

    • Cardinal Tetras large


      The Cardinal Tetra Paracheirodon axelrodi is a spectacular fish and one of the most popular aquarium fish of all time. It is very charming in appearance and behavior. This serene yet gregarious fish needs to be kept in a school. A group of these flashing tetras will make a brilliant display in any aquarium. These cardinals are between XL and…

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