Freshwater Fish

Freshwater Fish
    • Spotted Congo Puffer Fish – Schoutedeni Puffer


      This Spotted Congo Puffer Fish is extremely hard to come by. In fact this rare fish is difficult for us to keep in stock, and supplies are limited. We only have about 4 of these fish available, and they tend to move fast. These puffers are on a limited time sale so order today! Compare our price to others selling…

    • Motoro Stingray *Limited-time


      These are our traditional Motoro stingrays that we carry, except on a limited time sale! These rays are about 5-6″ diameter in size. Carefully, style isn’t generally important in a tank set up to house beams. You can anyway include some huge pieces of bogwood, beech branches, or smooth rocks on the off chance that you wish. Guarantee that any…

    • Elephant Nose Fish 5in to 7 in


      The Elephant Nose is an intriguing fish that starts from the Niger River and its tributaries in Western Africa. Its body is for the most part dark and is sporadically formed with a long tight tail and what seems to be its nose anyway this is really an augmentation of the fish’s mouth. The Elephant nose utilizes its trunk-like augmentation…

    • Silver Arowana (Osteoglossum Bichorisum )5 to 6 in


      The Silver Arowana is a very popular aquarium fish. The Silver Arowana has some very unique features that make it so attractive. It’s swimming style mimics that of a snake on water. It’s large hatch-like mouth for grabbing large prey. One of our favorite features are its large eyes, that never seem to take their gaze off of you. The…

    • Amazon Puffer Fish


      The Amazon pufferfish is also known as the South American Puffer. The Amazon Puffer Fish is a peaceful puffer if given ample room and should be kept in groups of 3 or more, but 5 or more is even better. Amazon Puffer Fish will grow to a size of about 5 inches. This puffer is a good tank mate in…

    • Very rare Striped Peacock Eel from India


      The Peacock Eel or Macrognathus siamensis is an exceptionally beautiful spiked eel that isn’t regularly found in this industry. There can be some shading varieties in its tones and examples. These fish are fundamentally a light earthy colored in shading with a light yellow stripe running from the eye to the base of the tail. The name Peacock Eel claims…

    • Spotted Silver Dollar Fish 1 3/4 to 2 inch


      Spotted Silver Dollar Fish The Silver Dollar Fish Metynnis Lippincottianus looks just as its name implies, round and silvery. This characin is called “Silver Dollar” because its body is almost round and very compressed laterally. The Silver Dollar, though very peaceful, gets rather large and needs plenty of room. It is fairly hardy and makes is a great choice for…

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