Elephant Nose Fish
Elephant Nose Fish
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Elephant Nose Fish

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The Elephant Nose is an intriguing fish that starts from the Niger River and its tributaries in Western Africa. Its body is for the most part dark and is sporadically formed with a long tight tail and what seems to be its nose anyway this is really an augmentation of the fish’s mouth. The Elephant nose utilizes its trunk-like augmentation to search for sustenance, convey, travel through the water and self protection. It has a frail electrical organ at the caudal peduncles which is utilized to find nourishment.

It requires at least a 50 gallon aquarium with great water conditions. It is commonly bashful and isolated, favoring a fine-rock base aquarium with a lot of plants and shakes for concealing spots where it can discover shelter from the light. To all the more likely welcome this fish, numerous specialists will buy a “phantom cylinder,” an unmistakable plastic cylinder that encourages seeing amid the day. When acclimated with its environment, the Elephant Nose can turn out to be staggeringly agreeable and trusting to the point of being hand-held. It does well with other, bigger types of a quiet sort, however might be forceful towards those of comparative or littler size.

The Elephant Nose is predatory and will eat numerous kinds of substantial sustenances including; blood worms, hacked night crawlers, salt water shrimp, chip and pellet nourishments just as a variety of solidified substantial nourishments.they really are a smart fish,that sometimes recognize their keepers.we feed these frozen bloodworms and frozen brineshrimp along with live blackworms.they graze constantly and you must make sure they eat enough do not allow them to get skinny.i suggest a school of at least 3 elephant nose or more.they will quickly become your favorite fish due to their curiosity and whimsical nature.


2 reviews for Elephant Nose Fish

  1. Kai Sos (verified owner)

    Came in quick, healthy, and large! Thank you so mucu

  2. John (verified owner)

    Elephant noses came Healthy, Quick, and decent for the price with no major issues on this purchase during these times. Will buy in the future/Recommend. Call before hand before ordering to make sure on stock as processing does take awhile.

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