Amazon Puffer Fish 1.5 inch
Amazon Puffer Fish 1.5 inch
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Amazon Puffer Fish 1.5 inch


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The Amazon pufferfish is also known as the South American Puffer. The Amazon Puffer Fish is a peaceful puffer if given ample room and should be kept in groups of 3 or more, but 5 or more is even better. Amazon Puffer Fish will grow to a size of about 5 inches. This puffer is a good tank mate in a large community tank.

They need to be fed frozen bloodworms, frozen Mysis shrimp, frozen Brine shrimp, live blackworms, small snails.

These fish are 2″ nose to tail.

Care level: Medium

Diet: Piscivore

Temperament: Semi-Aggressive

Max Size: 5″

Family: Tetraodontidae

Scientific Name: Colomesus asellus



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2 reviews for Amazon Puffer Fish 1.5 inch

  1. Ashley (verified owner)

    Received my fish today and I am SO impressed and pleased. This is my first order from Worldwide Fish and Pets and I was very hesitant in general because I had just had a bad experience at another online store and lost some puffers due to this . However, Worldwide did a wonderful job. They were packaged with plenty of water and even some plants which is just brilliant from an oxygenation stand point! I’ve never seen that before. My husband unboxed them for me and said they were the most alive fish he’d ever seen. I can’t wait to get them in with my other puffers who will be so happy to have their numbers up to 7! Will definitely be back for future orders. Thank you so much for healthy fish!

  2. Jess-marie (verified owner)

    I purchased Amazon puffers two separate times and both times they showed up so well packed and very happy and healthy. Teeth were not overgrown too! My trust for this shop is growing and growing quickly!

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