Peacock spiny Eel /half banded spiney (5 to 7 inch)
Peacock spiny Eel /half banded spiney (5 to 7 inch)
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Peacock spiny Eel /half banded spiney (5 to 7 inch)


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Peacock Eels have an elongated body, a pointed snout, with both the dorsal and anal fins extending back to their relatively small caudal fin.

Peacock Eels do best in a well oxygenated 35 gallon or larger tank with soft, to medium hard water.
Since Peacock Eels are more active in a dimly lit aquarium, it’s a good idea to provide them with plenty of floating plants to diffuse the light and live plants for them to wrap themselves around and hang in.

These eels are wildcaught and varie in size.some are as small as 2.5 inch and  as lrg as 5in.please add in notes about what size you want ,if its possible and in stock we will do our best to accommodate you.these are awesome little guys.there are many types of spiney eels,most are seasonal with different species available throughout the year.we shell 1 of generally 3 eels that all act the same they don’t get very large and because of their small mouth usually can’t eat most tank mates.even a 1 to 1.5 inch neon is safe.these are sometimes called tire track eels,which get large and can be aggresive.these are NOT tire track eels,and will go nicely in a community tank .Feed them frozen bloodworms,mysis shrimp or brineshrimp.Make sure you put some food in the tank after the lights are off a half hour,as this is the time they feel comfortable hunting for food.they also like live plants

1 review for Peacock spiny Eel /half banded spiney (5 to 7 inch)

  1. SamtheMan

    I have one and he is The Best Boi TM.

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