Silver Dollar – Metynnis hypsauchen
Silver Dollar – Metynnis hypsauchen

Silver Dollar – Metynnis hypsauchen


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Silver dollars possess thickly planted waterway tributaries in nature. The trouble in duplicating this in bondage is that the species is an eager plant-eater! Strong plants ought to be picked however will in any case should be supplanted normally. Fake plants could be utilized as an option as a portion of the texture and silk-type plants that are currently accessible make persuading fakes. Silver dollars can be anxious fish, so diminish lighting and regions of shelter will help their certainty.

Best kept in gatherings of in any event five fish. For the most part tranquil network fish and can be kept with other bigger quiet species. A lot littler fish might be eaten. Silver dollars essentially involve the center and top territories of the aquarium, so it is a smart thought to choose tankmates that possess both the base of the tank to include differentiate. Bigger serene catfish, for example, plecos and doradids would be a decent decision.


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