Nannacara anomala – Goldeneye cichlid
Nannacara anomala – Goldeneye cichlid

Nannacara anomala – Goldeneye cichlid


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The goldeneye cichlid (Nannacara anomala) is a types of cichlid found in new water from the Aruka River in Guyana, to the Maroni River in Surinam. It is frequently found on overwhelmed savannas close to the coast. The male develops to a length of about 2.2 in while the female is fairly littler, and is in this way viewed as a diminutive person cichlid.

The male, under acidic conditions, embraces a greenish tinge along the length of its body, while the female puts on a dark coat with a swoon line running from her face to the center of her tail, and in reproducing condition, blurs into a brilliant yellow in the stomach.

As youths, there is not really any distinction as an adolescent male has the colouration of a female. The main contrast would be the nearness of an augmentation at the back of the male’s dorsal blade.

The goldeneye cichlid lives on an eating routine of shellfish, bugs, and other little creatures.

Temperature: 72-77°F

pH: Acidic, but can tolerate moderately alkaline – 6 to 7.5

Hardness: Prefer soft, but can tolerate moderately hard – from 3 to 8°dH.


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