Dwarf Cichlid

Dwarf Cichlid
    • Apistogramma Hongsloi Pair (Red) 13/4 to 21/4inch


      Apistogramma hongsloi is from South America. It is really colorful species – especially men.They are belong to dwarf Cichlid family. They are easy to care. You should keep the temperature 79–82 °F and pH should be acidic. When you buy Apistogramma Hongsloi  from our website you will receive 1.5″ sizes one female and one male beautiful Apistogramma Hongsloises.

    • Apistogramma Macmasteri


      Apistogramma macmasteri is a dwarf cichlid in the tribe Geophagini. The temperature of the tank should be kept in between 73 and 86 F degree and the water should be around 6-6.5 pH level. A progressively regular looking course of action may comprise of a delicate, sandy, substrate with wood roots and branches set such a way, that a lot…

    • Apistogramma Macmasteri Gold / Red Shoulder Pair


      Apistogramma Macmasteri Gold / Red Shoulders are from South America. They eat most foods, especially small live or frozen foods.  pH level of the water should be kept around 6.0 -7.0 Both wild and aquarium reared Apistogramma macmasteri make superb aquarium inhabitants gave you fulfill their necessities. They can be forceful so loads of spread is prescribed. Apistogramma macmasteri is…

    • Blue Ram 1inch


      Despite its appearance Blue Ram is one of the most peaceful and friendly freshwater fish. You should provide them a lot of swimming space along with caves to hide and flat stones for female to lay her eggs. You should keep the tanks water 77 to 82 F degree. The Ram is prized for its triumphant character in spite of…

    • Bolivian Ram Cichlid


      Bolivian Rams are serene, omnivores that are perfect for any network tank. The guys have a significant beautiful body, while the female is increasingly boring. They require a well-planted tank, yet their upkeep is simple. Stocking your tank with a state guarantees a more joyful life for these fish, particularly when rearing them. They need potential possibility to pick as…

    • Holland Rams


      The Ram is prized for its triumphant character regardless of its savage appearance. With its spiked dorsal blade, low-threw pectoral balances, Mikrogeophagus ramirezi has all the earmarks of being an aquarium bulldog. Nonetheless, this individual from the Cichlidae family is really one of the more social and quiet freshwater fish. Truth be told, most Rams will effectively swim with similarly…

    • long fin Balloon Blue german Ram XL


      They are peaceful, bright, very popular community fishes. They get along with angels and tetras. You should provide a well planted aquarium. You should provide them a large tank, since they tend to be aggressive. You can feed them with fresh and frozen food.ballon belly rams do not grow to the lenghtof normal rams but are much more stout and…

    • Long Fin Blue Ram 2″


      The smash cichlid is a prevalent cichlid for the tropical freshwater, network aquarium despite the fact that it isn’t really the most effortless cichlid to keep up in numerous situations.This is on the grounds that the species is frequently kept with other fish that are progressively decisive, forceful or excessively dynamic The species is inherently modest and is best kept…

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