Freshwater Fish

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    • Redtail Barracuda


      Its slim smoothed body highlights unobtrusive, luminous, gleaming gold tints that are commended by excellent red blades. Their body shape and enormous, conelike teeth make them impeccably adjusted to go after different sorts of fish. However long you will give live fish as food, the Red Tail Barracuda makes an incredible aquarium pet. These fish truly do get quite enormous,…

    • Royal Clown Knifefish


      A phenomenal and unmistakable types of knifefish from Southeast Asia, the Royal Clown Knife is found in quick moving waters of the center Mekong. A savage animal varieties with a shockingly huge mouth, they can without much of a stretch gobble fish up to 1/third their size as a rule. In spite of their savage nature, they are quiet towards…

    • Samurai Gourami (Sphaerichthys vaillanti)


      Samurai Gourami is a semi-uncommon animal variety that is found in the Kalimantan River in Borneo; all the more explicitly, in the region of the town of Nangah Sebroeang, which is south of the Danau Sentarum National Park in the upper Kapuas stream bowl, West Kalimantan area have all the earmarks of being endemic to the Kapuas waste where it…

    • Santa Maria Bleeding Hearts


      Santa Maria Bleeding Heart is a beautiful, lively fish to have in your aquarium. Our Santa Maria Bleeding Hearts are about 1-inch size.

    • Scarlet Badis


      The red badis is a tropical freshwater fish and one of the littlest realized percoid fish species. It is a micro predator, benefiting from little amphibian shellfish, worms, bug hatchlings, and other zooplankton. It is sold under an assortment of names in the aquarium exchange.

    • Smiling Dwarf Acara


      with a few particular geological races, which have been mixed in hostage stocks. These cichlids can change the tone rapidly. A few people show an impressive tone, particularly blue in the body and red in the balances. Rearing fish take on especially extreme shading. A dull spot in the dorsal balance is frequently present. Our Smiling Dwarf Acara size 1…

    • Thorichthys ellioti \ Spot Cheek Cichlid


      Peaceful and colorful cichlids. Our Spot Cheek Cichlids 1.5 to 2-inch size.

    • Very rare Striped Peacock Eel from India


      The Peacock Eel or Macrognathus siamensis is an exceptionally beautiful spiked eel that isn’t regularly found in this industry. There can be some shading varieties in its tones and examples. These fish are fundamentally a light earthy colored in shading with a light yellow stripe running from the eye to the base of the tail. The name Peacock Eel claims…

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