Freshwater Fish

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    • Electric Blue Escondido 3 to 4 in


      These beautiful Electric Blue Escondidos are fresh water fishes. They will be a good fit to your tank. Our Electric Blue Escondidos are 3- 3.5 inch size.

    • Fresh Water Clouded Archer Fish


      This is an interesting community fish. Its called an archer because it spits water at insects flying over the water to knock them in and eat.this species does not need to be in brackish water and will live very well.This species is not always available .it is shy and should be kept in a school of at least 3,but 5…

    • Garra Rufa (Doctor Fish) About 2 inch


      The Garra Rufa is an algae eating fish has a unique talent of helping to exfoliate the skin. They can easily adapt to hot water up to 100 F. They are really popular in many spas and resorts since they have been known to remove dead skin from the body. It would be better to keep them as group of…

    • Gold Severum 2 tinch


      The Gold Severum, otherwise called the Banded Cichlid, is a shading variety of Heros severus Severum. Severum have a luminous sheen to their scales and grayish to gold foundation shading. The Gold Severum is a confiding in fish, and will frequently acknowledge sustenance straightforwardly from their proprietor’s hand. The Gold Severum requires a 55 gallon or bigger tank that is…

    • Golden Clown Knifefish


      Golden Knife fish has along the side packed body shape. This alongside a constantly moving blade on their underside.. An enormous aquarium to indicate them off is a necessity for a significant number of these species

    • Green Neon Tetra


      The Green Neon Tetra is little local fish to South American streams. It is for the most part found in forested zones in languid blackwaters off fundamental stream channels. The water there is regularly recolored dim darker with humic corrosive and different synthetic compounds discharged by rotting natural issue like leaves, and so forth. You will need to utilize Peat…

    • Guinean bichir – polypterus ansorgii


      he Guinean bichir is a beam finned fish from waterways and other freshwater natural surroundings in Western Africa, going from Guinea-Bissau to Nigeria. It arrives at the greatest length of 28 cm, is greenish-earthy colored to dark in shading, and has huge, dim spots and blotches on its sides. They are about 2 to 2.5 inch sizes.

    • long fin Balloon Blue german Ram XL


      They are peaceful, bright, very popular community fishes. They get along with angels and tetras. You should provide a well planted aquarium. You should provide them a large tank, since they tend to be aggressive. You can feed them with fresh and frozen food.ballon belly rams do not grow to the lenghtof normal rams but are much more stout and…

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