Blue Ram
Blue Ram

Blue Ram


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Despite its appearance Blue Ram is one of the most peaceful and friendly freshwater fish. You should provide them a lot of swimming space along with caves to hide and flat stones for female to lay her eggs. You should keep the tanks water 77 to 82 F degree.

The Ram is prized for its triumphant character in spite of its wild appearance. With its spiked dorsal balance, low-threw pectoral blades, Mikrogeophagus ramirezi gives off an impression of being an aquarium bulldog. Nonetheless, this individual from the Cichlidae family is really one of the more social and quiet freshwater fish. Truth be told, most Rams will effectively swim with similarly non-forceful individuals from your locale aquarium and are known to loyally match with only one other mate. The German Blue Ram is known for its mottled dark blue splotches of shading.

For the best consideration, the Ram ought to be kept in an aquarium of in any event 20 gallons with a few thick plant gatherings dispersed around a lot of open swimming space. The Ram additionally needs a couple of collapses which to cover up and, if rearing, level stones on which the female can lay her eggs. Despite the fact that the Ram is exceptionally tranquil, the two females and guys can end up forceful towards other fish when concealing spots are missing or when watching out for their eggs.

Perfect water quality is additionally an absolute necessity. The Rams breed in delicate to medium hard water with an unbiased pH and somewhat raised water temperatures somewhere in the range of 77° and 82°F. Peat ought to be added to the water. Both the male and female offer the raising of the broil, and it has been accounted for that the Ram will bring sear into their mouths to secure them like a mouth loner. Care ought to be taken with the goal that the rotisserie are not sucked into the channel.


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