Sulfurhead Peacock
Sulfurhead Peacock

Sulfurhead Peacock


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The sulfurhead (Aulonocara maylandi) or sulfurhead peacock is a types of haplochromine cichlid which is endemic to Lake Malawi, it is endemic to Malawi and has just been seen on West Reef (Luwala Reef) and Eccles Reef (Chimwalani Reef). It is compromised by gathering for the aquarium exchange and this has caused a 70% decrease in numbers.  This mouthbrooding species, the eggs are thought about by the females just, is found over blended sand and rough region where the chase little spineless creatures in the sand.  it intently takes after the blue orchid (Aulonocara kandeense) in spite of the fact that builds up a yellow burst over its dorsal blade, and in the past these two taxa have been viewed as subspecies. The particular name praises Hans-Joachim Mayland, a creator on cichlids and a fishkeeper, who carried the species to the consideration of Ethelwynn Trewavas.


2.5", 3"-3.5, 4 – 5"


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