Penguin Tetra
Penguin Tetra

Penguin Tetra


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The Penguin Tetra originates from the tributaries and streams of South America and makes a superb expansion to any network aquarium. They are pale to brilliant in shading, and have a dark vertical stripe that reaches out down the base portion of the tail, giving an appearance like a penguin.

The Penguin Tetra can be housed in an aquarium with other delicate water fish. Tetras are a tutoring fish that function admirably in gatherings of at least six fish of similar species. Live plants, rocks and driftwood help to upgrade its common natural surroundings and give concealing spaces.

Penguin Tetras breed once in a while in an aquarium setting and a medical clinic or “reproducing tank” will be essential. During reproducing time, the females will show a more full looking gut, which help recognize them from the guys. Marginally acidic water is best for ideal rearing propensities. After the eggs start to bring forth, 12 to 15 hours subsequent to being laid, expelling the guardians will decrease the quantity of lost fry.

The Penguin Tetra will acknowledge numerous little nourishments, for example, salt water shrimp or daphnia, solidify dried bloodworms and tubifex, smaller scale pellet sustenance, and a superb drop sustenance.


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