Fahaka Pufferfish 2 inch
Fahaka Pufferfish 2 inch

Fahaka Pufferfish 2 inch


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The Fahaka Puffer fish are an exciting freshwater puffer. They as also known as the Nile Puffer or Band Puffer. Most owners keep them in solo tanks, as displays for a room, or office. The Fahaka Puffers are very aggressive towards other fish, and can grow very large. Caution when trying to pair with other fish. Lots of plants and rocks are recommended when keeping this fish. You can feed them on benthic organisms which may include freshwater mussels and snails. They can be found on large rivers, open waters.

Care level : Medium

Diet: Carivore

Temperament : Aggressive

Max Size: 8″

Family: Tetraodontidae

Scientific Name: Tetraodon lineatus


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