Electric Blue Acara 3 inch
Electric Blue Acara 3 inch
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Electric Blue Acara 3 inch

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The Blue Acara Aequidens pulcherhas been a cichlid of choice for many years for the South American cichlid aquarium. Its species term pulcher means “beautiful”, and true to its name it is a beautiful medium sized fish cichlid. Its color is mostly a steel blue-gray, but it is distinguished from other Acara species by a broader forehead. It can reach up to about 8 inches in length, but it will start to breed at a much smaller size of only 4 inches.

Females usually heavier them males.Adult males develop elongated anal and dorsal fins. Electric Blue Acaras can reach up to 6.5″. We have 2 sizes of them; 2.5″ and 3.5″. They are generally peaceful fishes and will look great in your tank with beautiful colors. You can feed them with frozen foods, flakes, and slow sinking pellet foods.

1 review for Electric Blue Acara 3 inch


    These fish are one of my favorites. The photos displayed do not do them justice. Very hardy and work well in community tanks. They are also capable of being hand fed and like to show off in the tanks.

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