Coral Blue Dwarf Gourami
Coral Blue Dwarf Gourami

Coral Blue Dwarf Gourami


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The distinctive shades of the Dwarf Gourami male are among the most brilliant of freshwater angles. A perfect network fish, they are very prominent. Various vivid varieties have been created including the lovely Coral Blue Dwarf Gourami, with its luminous light blue shading. Guys develop to about 6cm.

Gouramis and Anabantids are appealing aquarium fish. Gouramis live for around four years however with appropriate consideration can live more.

Gouramis are quiet fish that do well in most network aquaria. They require a tank that is 40 liters or bigger. They are generally discovered swimming on the center to top districts of the aquarium. This isn’t amazing since the Gourami is a maze fish. That is, Gouramis can inhale oxygen from the air through their Labyrinth (organ) (like the Betta) if important. It is significant, in this manner that the outside of the water be presented to natural air. This is typically practiced by utilizing a hood that permits air ventilation. In the event that you are utilizing great pneumatic machines, this isn’t constantly required, since the vacuum apparatuss will invigorate the air over the water.

The aquarium ought to be vigorously planted and have in any event part of the surface secured with drifting plants. A darker substrate will help hotshot the gourami’s hues, and peat filtration is suggested. Gouramis ought not be kept with huge, forceful fish, however are good with other little, tranquil fish just as with individual gouramis. Boisterous commotions frequently alarm them, so the tank ought to be in a tranquil zone. Ordinary water changes are an unquestionable requirement.

Our Gouramis are 2″-2.5″ sizes.


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