• Badis Badis


      Badis Badis will flourish in a well-organized set-up with a sand or rock substrate in addition to some water-worn rocks and stones to give spread. Plant species that can be become connected to the stylistic layout can be included on the off chance that you wish yet are not fundamental. Driftwood twigs, branches, coasting plants and leaf litter can likewise…

    • Coral Blue Dwarf Gourami


      The distinctive shades of the Dwarf Gourami male are among the most brilliant of freshwater angles. A perfect network fish, they are very prominent. Various vivid varieties have been created including the lovely Coral Blue Dwarf Gourami, with its luminous light blue shading. Guys develop to about 6cm. Gouramis and Anabantids are appealing aquarium fish. Gouramis live for around four…

    • Kissing Fish


      Length-2 inch to 2.5 inch

    • Noble Gourami


      To some degree forceful and regional for gourami, they will generally be found in extremely free gatherings in the wild, ordinarily in shallow water near overhanging vegetation or huge driftwood heaps. In the aquarium, they are somewhat strong fish however effectively keeping a gathering requires a bigger aquarium with a lot of covers (particularly drifting plants) to diffuse any territoriality…

    • Sparkling Gourami


      Dwarf gouramis can arrive at a length of 1.6 in, they shimmer with red, green, and blue shades, and can create a perceptible croaking commotion utilizing a particular pectoral system. In the correct light, its eyes show up splendid blue, and its sharpened stone formed body and caudal blades mirror a rainbow of hues as it swims. Sexing is troublesome,…

    • 2″ Dwarf Neon Gourami


      Care level : Medium Diet: Omnivore Temperament :?Peaceful Max Size: 2″ Family : Belontiidae

    • Honey Gourami real honey gourami


      Quick Facts: Care level : Medium Diet: Omniivore Temperament : Peaceful Max Size: 2? Family : Belontiidae

    • Leopard Ctenopoma 4 1/5 inch


      Quick Facts: Care level : Easy Diet: Carnivore Temperament : Aggressive Max Size: 6″ Family : Anabantidae

    • Licorice Gourami


      Care level :?Easy Diet: Omnivore Temperament :?Peaceful Max Size: 1.5″ Family : Belontiidae

    • Microctenopoma Ansorgii


      The Orange Bushfish (Microctenopoma ansorgii) is also known as the “Ornate Ctenopoma” and is a small related of the more common gouramis. They have brown bodies with darker brown vertical bands. The bands extend into the fins where they are separated by brighter reddish-orange patches. Microctenopoma ansorgii is the most colourful of the African anabantoids and is much sought after…

    • Pearl Gourami


      The Pearl Gourami Trichopodus leerii is one of the most beautiful freshwater fish. It is a light brown to reddish brown color covered with white pearly dots, a mosaic type pattern that gives them an almost violet glow. A thin lacy brown stripe runs horizontally along the center, tapering away as it approaches the tail. Breeding males are extremely striking…

    • Red Honey Gourami


      The Red Honey Gourami is one of the most colorful fish in the aquarium hobby. They thrive in a well planted aquarium. They grow to just over an inch. The males are more colorful than the females. Care level : Medium Diet: Omniivore Temperament : Peaceful Max Size: 2″ Family : Belontiidae

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