Black Diamond Stingray 5 – 6″ (Copy)
Black Diamond Stingray 5 – 6″ (Copy)

Black Diamond Stingray 5 – 6″ (Copy)

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Rays are predators, but prefer a quiet and peaceful life, they will thrive when aggressive and territorial companions do not surround them. Stingrays are quiet fish and prefer to avoid conflict. Many medium sized to larger non- aggressive fish are compatible. Arawana´s , Gongo Tetras, Silver dollars, Peacock bass and Oscars are among many good companions for stingrays.

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Black Diamond Stingrays are the most impressive freshwater species.

Wild rays normally feed on other fish and invertebrates such as crustaceans and worms. Also small fish and shrimp are good meals. They are known for their big appetite and will need feeding at least twice a day. An exclusively meat diet is preferred for these rays to thrive.

Please refer to StingrayFarm for a more detailed care description.

We have both Male and Females in stock, please select your preference.




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