True Red Atabapo Pike Cichlid 10 inch
True Red Atabapo Pike Cichlid 10 inch

True Red Atabapo Pike Cichlid 10 inch

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They also known as Atabapo Red, Atabapo Red Pike Cichlid, Inirida Spotted Pike Cichlid, Orange Pike Cichlids. Can be forceful, particularly towards conspecifics. might be kept with other substantial cichlids or as an animal groups just setup. Prone to eat any fish little enough to be viewed as sustenance – and they have enormous mouths!Sand substrate is suggested. This species is probably going to burrow and mastermind the style to whatever it preferences may be. Some rockwork ought to be given to frame buckles as pikes like to have a region to which they can withdraw. Plants ought to be strong, in a perfect world pruned or attached to bogwood. Feed a differed eating routine including a decent quality cichlid pellet or piece, live or solidified nourishments, for example, bloodworm or brineshrimp, substantial sustenances, for example, prawn and mussel and vegetable issue as spirulina or green growth wafers.

When you order from us. You will receive 12″ to 13″ size Atobapo Pike Cichlids

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