Ropefish ( Reedfish) 10 to 12 inch
Ropefish ( Reedfish) 10 to 12 inch
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Ropefish ( Reedfish) 10 to 12 inch

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They are called ropefish or Reedfish and they are from West and Central Africa. They can survive in low oxygen level water since they have a pair of lungs as well as gills.

They can reach to 1′ size maximum. The Ropefishes are peaceful fishes and they enjoy other ropefish company. They move like snake at the bottom of the tank, you should equip the aquarium with gravel or sand substrate. You can feed them with live food such as insect larva, bloodwarms etc.

6 reviews for Ropefish ( Reedfish) 10 to 12 inch

  1. Ashley Lockard (verified owner)

    Our beautiful ropefish arrived just 2 days after ordering! Even on the week of Christmas! She is an amazing addition to our tank. Very happy and healthy fish!

  2. April Walsh (verified owner)

    I love them I got 2 of them they came about 6 months ago there happy healthy and got here so fast and are super active!!

  3. Donna Compton (verified owner)

    Finally my tank is complete with these 2 added! Fast ordering and shipping. Packaging done perfectly for them to arrive safely. Super active, happy and beautiful additions! Been looking and waiting for ropefish locally to no avail, so thankful for this find.

  4. Marjorie Putnam (verified owner)

    Received the fish right after Christmas. Both of them are doing really well, and are super happy.
    Came healthy, alive and huge. Definitely will be back to order some more fish. 💗

  5. Brandon Cross (verified owner)

    We had looked all around the surrounding areas and couldn’t find any. We was worried about ordering online as we never had done this before. We ordered two of them and they arrived on 8/30/22. Very pleased with them they are loving their new home and definitely very active.

  6. Kevin Moua (verified owner)

    Got a pair, came with some water wisteria. Both super happy and energetic

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