Redtail Tin Foil Barb 3 inch
Redtail Tin Foil Barb 3 inch

Redtail Tin Foil Barb 3 inch


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The Red-followed Tinfoil Barb Barbonymus altus (beforehand Barbus altus) is a decent measured Cyprinid fish that spans up to around 8 inches long. It has a shimmering or brilliant yellow body with intelligent scales that give it a tinfoil impact. The dorsal balance has a dark stamping or smudge along the tip. The pelvic, butt-centric, and caudal balances are red, however not the dorsal balance. Other normal names it is known by incorporate Red Tail Tinfoil Barb and Tall Barb.

There are as of now 5 portrayed species in the Barbonymus family, and these fish are now and again all things considered called Tinfoil Barbs, which can make a touch of perplexity. This spike can be mistaken for different individuals from its variety, particularly the practically indistinguishable Tinfoil Barb Barbonymus schwanenfeldii, which achieves almost twofold the Red-tail Tinfoil Barb’s grown-up size.

These two tinfoil points are normal imports, typically accessible as adolescents, and they are regularly combined. Other than size, they are practically indistinguishable. The least demanding approach to reveal to them separated is to take a gander at the forked tail balance. The Tinfoil Barb has a particular dark line close to the edge of every flap of the tail blade while the Red-tail Tinfoil Barb does not. In spite of the fact that both these tinfoil points have a dark checking on their dorsal blade, just the Tinfoil Barb has red on this balance also. The B. schwanenfeldii will likewise will in general be progressively shimmering by and large, and the Red-tail has an increasingly brilliant bronze shading.

One of the primary reasons that it is critical to know which of these two species you are getting is their distinction in size. In spite of the fact that both of these fish get very enormous, the Tinfoil Barb will quickly procure a length of 14 inches (35 cm) and is viewed as unreasonably huge for generally aquariums. The Red-followed Tinfoil Barb is an a lot littler fish and simpler to house, so progressively fit to the home aquarium.

This species is tough and undemanding. They do best when kept in a school of at least 5 of their own sort. Being quiet, they make a decent expansion to a network tank, however they will eat littler fish. House them with comparative estimated tankmates, so no one gets eaten. They can likewise be kept with a portion of the more tolerant cichlids. An aquarium most appropriate to this fish is huge and large with thick plantings along the edges. They like to tunnel, so make certain to utilize solid plants. When they are completely developed, they will require an aquarium of 100 gallons or more to keep them glad.

The redtail Tin Foil Barbs we have now are between 3 – 4 inches in length.


2"-3", 4"-5"


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