Red Tiger Oscar 2.1/2 to 3 inch
Red Tiger Oscar 2.1/2 to 3 inch

Red Tiger Oscar 2.1/2 to 3 inch


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The Red Tiger Oscar is truly a sight to behold; and their amazing ability to grow quickly makes them a prime choice for hobbyists everywhere.

Oscars can develop at the noteworthy rate of up to 1+ inches every month when they are young. Try not to be tricked by their little buy measure and get a little tank supposing you will have sufficient energy to redesign later; this is a typical oversight. Oscars are all similar species (Astronotus ocellatus), be that as it may, there are a few shading assortments and structures accessible. The most widely recognized varities are those Oscars we regularly observe all things considered fish stores are Tiger Oscars, Red Oscars, and Common Oscars.

In South America, where the species normally dwells, A. ocellatus examples are frequently found available to be purchased as a sustenance fish in the nearby markets. The fish can likewise be found in different territories, including China, Australia, and the United States. Despite the fact that its moderate development constrains its potential for aquaculture, it is viewed as a mainstream aquarium fish




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