Pygmy Cory (Dwarf Cory)
Pygmy Cory (Dwarf Cory)

Pygmy Cory (Dwarf Cory)


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The Pygmy Cory is a wonderful nano fish. Pygmy cories show very interesting behavior and are fun to watch in the aquarium when they’re provided with a large enough shoal and plenty of hiding places.

Pygmy Cories can be fed frozen foods (bloodworms, mosquito larvae, brine shrimp), catfish pellets, flake foods, and the occasional algae pellet, but make sure the food is small enough to fit into their tiny mouths or they won’t be able to eat it!

These fish do great in schools of 8 or more!

Tank size:10 gallons
Temperament: Peaceful
Diet: Omnivore
Max Length:1 inch

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