Monster Cat Attack Pack!
Monster Cat Attack Pack!
(2 customer reviews)

Monster Cat Attack Pack!


Care level : Easy

Diet: Piscivore

Temperament : Semi-Aggressive

Max Size: Variable


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Monster Cat Attack Pack!

This is a limited time offer! Get a variety of 3 different monster catfish¬† you buy this pack you will receive a Red Tail Catfish, Hybrid Shovelnose Catfish, and a Tiger Shovelnose. All fish are roughly 3 to 3.5 inch big. If you’re looking to start a monster catfish tank, or grow-out some great tank mates for your current monster setup, this is the best deal you can find.



2 reviews for Monster Cat Attack Pack!

  1. Collin mccalla

    My catfish are doing good and they are getting big i will be ordering more fish from yall

  2. Joe

    When will cat attack be back in stock and other packs

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