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The Sven’s Eartheater Cichlid (Geophagus sveni) is an extremely wonderful and shockingly tranquil cichlid that is local to Brazil. It is viewed as one of the more modest and amazingly vivid “earth-eating” species. The whole Geophagus sort is known for its trademark taking care of conduct of gathering up significant pieces of the substrate, which it isolates from any little invertebrate prey, and removing the filtered substrate through its gills.

The Sven’s Eartheater Cichlid requires an aquarium with a delicate, sandy substrate and a lot of asylum, for example, mud pots, driftwood, and rock developments. Rock and other bigger substrates can harm the gills and organs of this fish as it takes care of. Because of its burrowing conduct and intermittent craving for delicate leaved plants, it probably won’t be viable with some more sensitive plants. In any case, it approves of more strong plants that can be connected to rocks and driftwood. This cichlid is commonly viable with other serene fish as long as it has a lot of open landscape. Territoriality is commonly at its top during production, however, this species will in general flourish and show its best tinge in gatherings of at least 6. Subdominant examples are more inclined to tormenting in more modest gatherings. Bantam shrimp and other little, fragile spineless creatures ought not to be kept with the Sven’s Eartheater Cichlid, however more strong, bigger shrimp and snails might make great tankmates in a huge enough aquarium Schooling fish, for example, huge tetras and Corydoras catfish are acceptable tankmates, as are suckermouth catfish and other moderately tranquil cichlids, for example, severums, angelfish, and even disk. In the case of producing is wanted, tankmates of different species ought to be kept to a base or evaded out and out.

Taking care of is straightforward for the unfussy Sven’s Eartheater Cichlid. Top-notch dry solidified, and live substantial nourishments will all be promptly acknowledged. Quality and assortment are the keys to an eating regimen that will guarantee that this fish keeps up ideal wellbeing and tinge. Because of its special taking care of conduct, this fish requires food of a more modest size than numerous different cichlids. Indeed, even as it arrives at grown-up size, it should be taken care of nourishments equivalent to the size of bloodworms and little to medium size grade dry food sources.

Our Geophagus Sueni is about 1.5-inch in size.


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