Geophagus pelligrini 2.5 inch RARE (Copy)
Geophagus pelligrini 2.5 inch RARE (Copy)

Geophagus pelligrini 2.5 inch RARE (Copy)


this fish will become one of your show fish.great for community tank that wants a few larger fish to stand out.eventually will need at the least a 55 gallon tank.However better suited at grown size to be in a 75 or larger tank.

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Geophagus Steindachneri

The Geophagus Steindachneri, , is a wonderful member of the geophagus genus.
They are easy to spot thanks to their flourescent spots and blotches when big they grow beautiful filaments that flow off their tails.they are a peaceful cichlid will help keep the gravel clean,and although grow larger than alot of community fish their easy going nature make them a wonderful addition to an aquarium.look for other species in the genus to add the same effect to your aquarium.You may read this fish can be mildly agressive ,but in a tank that the fish are not crampep and have enough room to swim and move around they will cause no problem.

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