Flag-tail Prochilodus 3.5 to 4 inch
Flag-tail Prochilodus 3.5 to 4 inch

Flag-tail Prochilodus 3.5 to 4 inch

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The Flag-tailed Prochilodus (Prochilodus mariae) is a species of freshwater fish found in the Amazon River Basin and other South American river systems. It belongs to the family Prochilodontidae and is known for its distinctive elongated, forked tail that has a prominent black spot at the end, which resembles a flag.

This fish species can grow up to 50 cm in length and is an important food fish in many parts of South America. They feed on algae, detritus, and small aquatic invertebrates, and are often targeted by commercial and artisanal fisheries.

Flag-tailed Prochilodus is also known to be an important migratory species, which undertakes long-distance movements from its spawning grounds in the headwaters of the Amazon River to its feeding grounds downstream. These migrations are triggered by seasonal changes in water flow and are crucial for maintaining the health of the Amazon River ecosystem.

However, Flag-tailed Prochilodus populations are under threat due to overfishing, habitat destruction, and pollution. Conservation efforts are underway to protect this species and ensure its long-term survival.


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