Danio Kyathit

Danio Kyathit

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The Kyathit Danio (Brachydanio kyathit), otherwise called the Orange Finned Danio, is a genuinely phenomenal danio animal types that is local to Myanmar. It has in any event two unmistakable shading assortments, one of which has commonly strong flat striping and another whose striping is broken, looking like a honeycomb or panther design. Actually, “kyathit” signifies “panther” in the local place that is known for this strong, dynamic fish. Notwithstanding striped or spotted example, any assortment of the Kyathit Danio will grow brilliant red-orange shading as it develops, particularly in guys vieing for the consideration of females. This red finnage is regularly likewise present in females, albeit fairly less articulated.

In the same way as other average danios, the Kyathit Danio is dynamic and ought to be kept in schools of 6-10 examples, albeit significantly bigger schools are increasingly ideal. This fish is exceptionally tough and undemanding an a well-looked after aquarium, however it needs a considerable lot of room because of its dynamic and to some degree apprehensive nature. Stress and apprehension are insignificant when this fish is kept in a bigger school. The Kyathit Danio is totally tranquil and somewhat social with numerous other fish species also. It is good with practically any littler, dynamic, serene fish and will now and then seem to class and connect with different species routinely. It will flourish in a planted aquarium with a decent measure of stylistic theme, for example, rockwork and driftwood. It won’t trouble decorative plants. It is good with any tranquil spineless creatures that are too huge to ever be viewed as prey, yet it might go after extremely little smaller person shrimp. This fish is a monstrous swimmer and jumper, so a tight-fitting cover or altogether brought waterline is vital down to keep alarmed or energized examples from leaping out of the aquarium.


school of 6, school of 9


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