Blue Lobster 3 inch
Blue Lobster 3 inch
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Blue Lobster 3 inch


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The Blue Lobster is loved by many aquarists because of it’s vibrant color. It looks absolutely stunning in a well planted tank. It will get fairly big and can become aggressive, so careful when pairing with small fish.

Care level : Medium

Diet: Omnivore

Temperament : Semi-Aggressive

Max Size: 6″

Scientific Name: Cherax Sp.(HOA Creek)

3 reviews for Blue Lobster 3 inch

  1. Brody

    Can you pick male or female cause I want female

    • Worldwide Fish and Pets

      Yes we can. Please mention that on the note when you order.

  2. Santiago

    Hi, i’m interested on two male and two females. I want to know if you make shipments to Argentina? In that case, what will be the cost of it. Thanks and i wait for and response!

    • Worldwide Fish and Pets

      Hello, Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately, we ship only in the United States

  3. Mayya Makarycheva

    Hello, what size of tank does it require? Thanks!

    • worldwidefishandpets

      10 gallon tank would be enough for now but eventually,it will grow and require 20 gallons tank

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