Albino Platinum Discus 4″
Albino Platinum Discus 4″

Albino Platinum Discus 4″


Care level :?Medium-Difficult

Diet: Carnivore

Temperament : Peaceful

Max Size: 8″

Family :?Cichlidae

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Discus are considered the princesses of the fish hobby. They are a cichlid originally from the Amazon River in Brazil. Today, most discus being sold are tank bred. It is such a popular fish mainly because of it’s beauty, and demeanor. One can select from almost any color, and pattern. The Brilliant Blue Turquoise Discus is one of the many varieties available.?Designing a show-stopping aquarium is made very easy when it houses fish like these. This is fish that usually prefers to be in schools, so it is highly recommended to have more than 3 in a tank. Breeding these has become quite popular among hobbyist.?Although it is considered one of the hardest fish to keep, many have had success by simply maintaining consistent and proper parameters in their waters.

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