Albino Oscar Fish 3 inch
Albino Oscar Fish 3 inch

Albino Oscar Fish 3 inch


Quick Facts:
Care Level: Difficult
Max Size: 12″
Minimum Tank Size: 70 gallons
Water Temperature: 72 – 77 F
Water pH: 6 – 8

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The Albino Oscar is the Albino variation of the Tiger Oscar. Irregular blotches or spattering of orange-red energize an opaque, cream-white body to dramatic effect. This fantastic fish is sure to stand out to all, especially those whom are accustomed to seeing the traditional darker Oscars!

This Oscar like other Oscars require a larger aquarium (around 70 gallons). The Oscars should be kept in a tank with large rocks and a sand bottom.

They will dig up plants; so any that are in the tank should be potted with the root surfaces covered with rocks. Using floating plants is a good compromise to this problem. Tiny Oscars form a tight cluster for protection and this is normal behavior for juvenile fish. Large Oscars are not as territorial as most other cichlids when full grown but will consume anything they can fit into their mouths.




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