• Axolotl Leucistic


      Length- 4-5 inch, Color- White with Black Eyes.

    • Badis Badis


      Badis Badis will flourish in a well-organized set-up with a sand or rock substrate in addition to some water-worn rocks and stones to give spread. Plant species that can be become connected to the stylistic layout can be included on the off chance that you wish yet are not fundamental. Driftwood twigs, branches, coasting plants and leaf litter can likewise…

    • Big Spot Gold Nugget Pleco L177

      [caption id="attachment_2635" align="alignnone" width="600"] Gold Nugget Pleco[/caption]
    • Black Arowana


      Black Arowana (osteoglossum ferreirai) have been alluded to as “living fossils,” since they’ve changed very little throughout the last 150 million years. They’re local to the Rio Negro Bowl in South America, where they reside in both high contrast water. These enormous hunters can reach up to 40 creeps long, albeit generally kept in a home aquarium will just stretch…

    • Black Neon Tetra


      The black neon tetra is an enthusiastic fish with a wonderful character that is similarly lovely to take a gander at. Put this fish among differentiating plants and a dim foundation and you will have a dynamic and delightful aquarium. The black neon tetra is local to the Paraguay bowl of southern Brazil. In the wild, these fish lean toward…

    • Black Phantom Tetra Large-


      The Black Phantom Tetra makes its home in South America in upper Paraguay and in regions of Brazil including the Guaporé River bowl and Rio San Francisco. In certain territories, for example, Guapore (Brazil) and Paraguay, they can be found in clear waters that stream into the wetlands of Pantanal. In different zones, nonetheless, they lean toward moderate moving, dinky…

    • Black Rams


      An as of late evolved, lovely line reproduced variation of the famous bantam cichlid, the Black Ram is a little, tranquil cichlid ideal for most local area aquariums

    • Black Shrimp


      The black shrimp is a Neocaridina shrimp and is exceptionally tough we would say. … They are reproduced from bantam chocolate shrimp to have a profound dim dark tone all through. An outright lovely aquarium shrimp. Our imported shrimp are typically bigger in size than what we normally send.

    • Black Widow Frontosa


      The Black Widow Frontosa Cichlid (Cyphotilapia frontosa) is a profound water Tanganyikan animal groups that develops to a bigger size than most different cichlids that occupy the huge crack lake. It possesses faint, profound, still waters in the lake and lean towards these equivalent circumstances in the aquarium. They are 1 1/4 to 1 3/4 inch sizes.



      They are fish eaters. Aggressive, fast moving and tend to attack other tank mates. The water pH level should be around 7.0 and the temperature around 78 F. They are originated from Wild Colombia. In contrast with most Hoplias, Hoplias curupira are very cumbersome in work with a dull head and expansive body. The hues fluctuate incredibly relying upon state…

    • Blackbelt Cichlid 4″


      Blackbelt cichlids are aggressive species. They can reach to 12″ size, you need to provide a big tank for them. When you order from us, you will get 4″ size, beautiful blackbelt cichlids. We recommend not to add newcomers of the same species. They might not tolerate it. You should provide a tank with stable rocks and bogwoods. They are…

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