Red Devil Cichlid 7 to 8 in beauty
Red Devil Cichlid 7 to 8 in beauty

Red Devil Cichlid 7 to 8 in beauty

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Out of stock

The Red Devil Cichlid is brightly colored Cichlid from Central America. This is a favorite among Monster fish keepers. It has a lot of attitude, and can become aggressive towards others. Tank mates are not always recommended with this Cichlid, but it can be done.You can feed Red Devil Cichlids with brine shrimp, freeze- dried bloodworms, and flake food. They will have a hump on their head when they grow but it takes 1-2 years. You should keep them in a large 50 gallons of tank.

Care level : Medium

Diet: Omnivore

Temperament : Aggressive

Max Size: 12″

Scientific Name: Amphilophus labiatus

Family : Cichlidae



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