Hara Jerdoni Catfish (Asian Stone Catfish)
Hara Jerdoni Catfish (Asian Stone Catfish)

Hara Jerdoni Catfish (Asian Stone Catfish)

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Occupies sluggish streams and little waterways. Its favored environments are described by delicate substrates.

It will acknowledge most little food sources, including dried pellets, yet ought to be offered an eating routine made fundamentally out of live and frozen assortments, like bloodworm, daphnia and so on It’s totally a nocturnal feeder so add food after lights out to guarantee it gets its share. Provide however many concealing spots as would be prudent, alongside a delicate, sandy substrate. The expansion of some dried beech or oak leaves and bits of driftwood would recreate the normal natural surroundings of the fish pleasantly. The water should be kept clean, somewhat cool and very much oxygenated or the fish will endure as its regular waters are high in broken up oxygen.


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