super red flower horn 4 to 5 inch
super red flower horn 4 to 5 inch

super red flower horn 4 to 5 inch


Quick Facts:
Common Name: Flower Horn, Flowerhorn cichlid
Tank size: 100 gallons (400L) and more
Temperament: Territorial/aggressive
Diet: Omnivorous/Predatory
Temperature: 75- 81 F (24-27 C)
pH: 7.4-8.0
Size: 30 cm (12 in)

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The Super Red Flowerhorn is a popular and striking freshwater fish that is highly sought after by aquarium enthusiasts. It is a hybrid fish that has been selectively bred from several species of Cichlids, including the Red Devil Cichlid, the Trimac Cichlid, and the Blood Parrot Cichlid.

The Super Red Flowerhorn is known for its vibrant red coloration, which covers its entire body, including its fins. It also has a distinctively shaped head, which is large and rounded, with a protruding forehead known as a “kok.” The size of the kok can vary depending on the individual fish and its lineage.

In terms of behavior, the Super Red Flowerhorn can be aggressive towards other fish, especially during breeding. It requires a spacious aquarium with plenty of hiding places and decorations to create a suitable environment. The water temperature should be kept between 78-82°F, and the pH level should be between 7.0-8.0.

Overall, the Super Red Flowerhorn is a stunning and captivating fish that can make a great addition to a large, well-maintained aquarium. However, it is important to research and understand the specific needs and requirements of this fish before bringing one into your home aquarium.

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