Geophagus Tapajos ‘Red’ 3 inch
Geophagus Tapajos ‘Red’ 3 inch

Geophagus Tapajos ‘Red’ 3 inch


Quick Care:
Aquarium Size: Aquarium with a base of 80 in x 20 inch
Coarser materials such as gravel or small pebbles can inhibit feeding, damage gill filaments and even be ingested with the potential of internal damage or blockages.
Diet: Home-made, gelatine-bound recipes containing a mixture of dried fish food, puréed shellfish, fresh fruit and vegetables.

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The Geophagus Tapajos ‘Red’ was first collected in 1991 from the rio Tapajós, eastern Brazil. This fish is a fascinating fish to keep.
This fish is quite stunning to look at and is considered a gem in the fish hobby. They take mouthfuls of sand or gravel and sift them for edible items. You will need to provide a good substrate to keep up the well being of your Red


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