Geophagus Megasema
Geophagus Megasema

Geophagus Megasema


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The most basic thing of style is a delicate, sandy substrate with the goal that the fish can peruse normally.

Coarser materials, for example, rock or little stones can hinder taking care of, harm gill fibers, and even be ingested with the capability of inward harm or blockages.

Extra decorations are as much an instance of individual taste as whatever else yet the most preferred set-ups will in general component moderately diminish lighting in addition to certain lumps of driftwood and dispersed roots or branches.

Leaf litter is an ordinary component of the regular habitat yet not so much suggested in aquaria on the grounds that the taking care of the conduct of Geophagus spp. will in general reason an overabundance of mostly disintegrated material in suspension which looks unattractive as well as can square channel and siphon instruments.

A couple flattish, water-worn rocks can likewise be incorporated to give potential bringing forth locales on the off chance that you wish.

Water quality is absolutely critical since these cichlids are incredibly vulnerable to weakening water quality and swings in synthetic boundaries so ought to never be acquainted with an organically juvenile aquarium.

OurGeophagus megasemas are 4 to 5 inches.


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