Fresh Water Clouded Archer Fish
Fresh Water Clouded Archer Fish

Fresh Water Clouded Archer Fish


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This is an interesting community fish. Its called an archer because it spits water at insects flying over the water to knock them in and eat.this species does not need to be in brackish water and will live very well.This species is not always available .it is shy and should be kept in a school of at least 3,but 5 or more would be better.

The Archer Fish is otherwise called the Banded Archer Fish and originates from little waterways and streams crosswise over Asia. It has a triangular molded body that is fundamentally silver in shading. Many lengthened spots decorate the side of these fish, just as dark and yellow markings on the dorsal and butt-centric balances. These fish have the exceptional capacity to spit water at bugs over the water, with astonishing precision. Significantly increasingly striking is the capacity to make up for the visual bending that the water’s surface causes. It is accounted for that these fish can spit at an objective to the extent 5 feet away!

The perfect set up for Archer Fish is an aquarium of at any rate 100 gallons with a tight fitting overhang, as these fish are jumpers. Give a lot of plants that don’t infringe the surface giving them a lot of swimming room at the highest point of the aquarium. Likewise, it is perfect to keep the water dimension of the aquarium a couple of crawls beneath the top giving them space to rehearse their chasing. These fish flourish in either crisp or bitter water.

Little achievement has been had with rearing these species in imprisonment.

Feed the Archer Fish an assortment of substantial things including; live creepy crawlies, mealworms, and stop dried microscopic fish. Supplement these substantial things with dried ocean growth sustained at the surface utilizing a lettuce cut.

Perfect tank mates include: Puffers, Scats, Monos, different Archers, and other Brackish water fish.


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