Danio dangila – Moustached Danio
Danio dangila – Moustached Danio

Danio dangila – Moustached Danio


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The sort arrangement was gathered from ‘mountain streams’ nevertheless the species has been gathered from drowsy, muggy conditions with thick negligible vegetation.

Given its broad characteristic reach, it would appear to be this species is versatile and ready to colonize different environment types at different heights.

Not hard to keep in an all-around kept up set-up however we prescribe aquascaping the tank to look like a streaming stream or waterway with a substrate of fluidly estimated, water-worn rocks, sand, fine rock, and maybe some little stones.

This can be additionally outfitted with driftwood roots or branches, and keeping in mind that most amphibian plants will neglect to flourish in such environmental factors tough sorts, for example, Microsorum, Bolbitis or Anubias spp. can be become appended to the style should you wish.

Most likely goes after creepy crawlies and their hatchlings in nature. In the aquarium, it’s a to a great extent unfussy feeder and will acknowledge most

They should be kept in groups of 3 or more.


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