Borneo Python Eel
Borneo Python Eel

Borneo Python Eel

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Borneo Python Eel

The Borneo Python Eel is a sure-fire way to grab attention in your tank. Because this is a new species in the trade, not much is known about its maintenance in home aquarium. Like other large Mastacembelus species, this fish can be assumed to be territorial and potentially aggressive to other spiny eels.

Feeding spiny eels is not easy. They are nocturnal predators and do not compete with things like catfish or loaches well. They are therefore best kept alone or with midwater fish such as barbs and gouramis. Spiny eels favor live foods, particularly earthworms and river shrimps. Once settled in and tame, they will accept frozen substitutes such as chopped seafood and lancefish.

Spiny eels are prone to bacterial infections, likely initiated by poor water quality and/or abrasion from coarse substrates such as gravel. Ideally keep in tanks with a sand or fine, smooth gravel substrate. Provide lots of floating plants, because these fish are prone to jumping out, and floating plants seem to encourage them to stay put.




10 – 12"


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