Bumblebee Goby
Bumblebee Goby

Bumblebee Goby

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A one of a kind example to really focus on. On account of their eye-getting looks, these fish have become very famous among aquarists.

Deductively, bumblebee gobies are known as Brachygobius. In fact,  Brachygobius is the family name. There are a few kinds of fish sold under the “Brachygobius” moniker, however, the distinctions are minor to the point that most can’t distinguish them.

The bumblebee goby started in Southeast Asia. They’re generally found in sluggish streams and feeders around Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand.

While this fish species is profoundly pursued in the fish local area, they aren’t the simplest to really focus on. Honey bee gobies require painstakingly arranged natural surroundings and an excellent eating routine to flourish. Assuming you’re searching for a piece of cake animal type that doesn’t need any work, this isn’t the best fish for you.

Our gobies are 1/3 inch to 1/2 inch size.


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