Nano Fish

Nano Fish
    • Scarlet Badis


      The red badis is a tropical freshwater fish and one of the littlest realized percoid fish species. It is a micro predator, benefiting from little amphibian shellfish, worms, bug hatchlings, and other zooplankton. It is sold under an assortment of names in the aquarium exchange.

    • Corydoras Habrosus


      This species happens in the Llanos Orientales district, a huge tropical prairie plain crossed by the Orinoco and a portion of its significant left bank feeders. Huge wraps of these fields become overwhelmed during the yearly wet season, framing a huge wetland which is a heaven for untamed life.

    • Santa Maria Bleeding Hearts


      Santa Maria Bleeding Heart is a beautiful, lively fish to have in your aquarium. Our Santa Maria Bleeding Hearts are about 1-inch size.

    • Daisys rice fish (Oryzias woworae)


      It has demonstrated to be versatile with no exceptional prerequisites as far as style however it will, in general, be less colorful when kept up in a scantily enhanced set-up. It seemingly glances best in a presentation motivated by its common territory which could comprise of a sandy substrate, some water-worn tree roots, and branches in addition to a couple…

    • Danio Kyathit


      The Kyathit Danio (Brachydanio kyathit), otherwise called the Orange Finned Danio, is a genuinely phenomenal danio animal types that is local to Myanmar. It has in any event two unmistakable shading assortments, one of which has commonly strong flat striping and another whose striping is broken, looking like a honeycomb or panther design. Actually, “kyathit” signifies “panther” in the local…

    • Badis Badis


      Badis Badis will flourish in a well-organized set-up with a sand or rock substrate in addition to some water-worn rocks and stones to give spread. Plant species that can be become connected to the stylistic layout can be included on the off chance that you wish yet are not fundamental. Driftwood twigs, branches, coasting plants and leaf litter can likewise…

    • Green Neon Tetra

      The Green Neon Tetra is little local fish to South American streams. It is for the most part found in forested zones in languid blackwaters off fundamental stream channels. The water there is regularly recolored dim darker with humic corrosive and different synthetic compounds discharged by rotting natural issue like leaves, and so forth. You will need to utilize Peat…

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