• Orange Venezuelan Cory


      Orange Venezuelan Cory is a characteristic geographic shading variation of the always well-known Bronze Cory Catfish. It grows progressively dazzling orange tinge along its back as it develops. This orange makes an extremely hitting appear differently in relation to the metallic blue-green shading at the edges of the body of the fish. This variation isn’t regularly accessible and can at…

    • Flag-tailed Panda Cory

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      Utilize a substrate of fine sand and give cover as smooth shakes and pieces of bogwood. Spaces of thick planting are likewise valued, similar to the arrangement of some drifting cover. Likewise give some surface choppiness and stream, as it lean towards all around oxygenated water. Likewise with all corys, don’t utilize undergravel filtration, and guarantee the substrate is kept…

    • Corydoras schwartzi – Schwartz’s Cory


      Cory Schwartzie will flourish in a tank set up to imitate an Amazon biotope. This would be exceptionally easy to orchestrate. Utilize a substrate of waterway sand and add a couple of driftwood branches (if you can’t track down driftwood of the ideal shape, normal beech is protected to utilize if completely dried and deprived of bark) and wound roots.…

    • Goonch Catfish


      Goonch Catfish is a large Catfish that lives in India, Nepal, and other East Asian, Asian, and Southeast Asian Countries. Two different populaces were additionally some time ago the idea to exist in Southeast Asia. They are about 8 to 10 inches big.

    • Electric CatfishL014


      Electric catfish, any of around 18 generally conveyed freshwater catfish species local to tropical Africa having a place with two genera (Malapterurus and Paradoxoglanis) of the family Malapteruridae. The most popular of this gathering is M. electrics, a chunky fish with six mouth barbels and a solitary balance (the fat blade) on its back, only front to the adjusted tail…

    • Asian Redtail Catfish


      A huge and forceful stream-abiding catfish found all through quite a bit of Southeast Asia, the Asian Redtail Cat (or ARTC as they are here and there contracted in the leisure activity) is an incredible savage animal variety just appropriate for extremely specific specialists. In the wild, they are found in a wide assortment of territories however ordinarily in spaces…

    • Corydoras Habrosus


      This species happens in the Llanos Orientales district, a huge tropical prairie plain crossed by the Orinoco and a portion of its significant left bank feeders. Huge wraps of these fields become overwhelmed during the yearly wet season, framing a huge wetland which is a heaven for untamed life.

    • Lima Shovelnose 6 inch


      The Lima Shovelnose is from South American catfish with a pleasant body shape that takes after a hockey stick and they can grow reasonable size. These can live in big aquariums. We definitely recommend the Lima Shovelnose catfish! Our Lima Shovelnose 4 to 5-inch size.

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