• Algae Eater Gyrinocheilus Aymonieri 6 packs


      This Algae eater will eat a plenitude of green growth found on glass, wood, plants and shakes. Cleaning glass is a primary motivation behind why many fish proprietors buy this fish. This fish species is known to be forceful towards other fish like the Discus and Angel. To guarantee great co-home, it’s ideal to combine the Gyrinocheilus Aymonieri with Chiclids…

    • Asian Redtail Catfish


      A huge and forceful stream-abiding catfish found all through quite a bit of Southeast Asia, the Asian Redtail Cat (or ARTC as they are here and there contracted in the leisure activity) is an incredible savage animal variety just appropriate for extremely specific specialists. In the wild, they are found in a wide assortment of territories however ordinarily in spaces…

    • Auchenoglanis Occidentalis ( Giraffe Catfish) 3 in to 3.5 in


      Delicate monster found all through a lot of West and Central Africa, the Giraffe Catfish is a tough and versatile animal varieties with an unmistakable spotted example. In the wild, it occupies shallow, moderate moving regions of streams and lakes where they utilize their vast barbels to filter for sustenance in the sand and mud. In the aquarium, they are…

    • Blue Eyed Redfin Pleco L137 5 inch


      This Plecostomus species was trapped in Para in Southeast Brazil. Presently they live in aquariums everywhere throughout the world.They will generally move around pretty effectively during the day, yet some of them appear to stow away during the day and become progressively dynamic around evening time. Be that as it may, if there is nourishment to be eaten, they become…

    • Cory Virginae (Corydoras virginiae)


      Quiet and gregarious. Ought to be kept up in a gathering of in any event 4-6 people. They are rummaging omnivores and will acknowledge most sinking dried nourishments, just as little live and solidified assortments, for example, bloodworm, Tubifex, and so on. Bolstering a changed eating regimen will guarantee the fish are in ideal condition. By no means should they…

    • Coryadoras Adolfoi


      An uncommon cory cat that has always commanded a premium, as they grow the orange/yellow coloration on their heads get brighter and brighter. they grow to about 2.2 to 2.5 ince max size.A great scavanenger and a peaceful fish that is a welcome addition to any peaceful community tank.All cories should really be kept in at least 4 fish with…

    • Corydoras Arcuatus 2 in to 2.5 in


      this is a serene, tough defensively covered catfish that can help keep the base of your tank clean while additionally living agreeably with different individuals from your tank network. A tutoring fish, it likes to live in gatherings of at least six. In nature, this species lives in enormous schools and does not do well alone. Gatherings of about at…

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