• Jardini Arowana 6in to 7 in platinums


      Jardini Arowana ( Scleropages Jardini) also know as the Australian Arowana, the Gulf Saratoga or The Pearl Arowana. The pH level should be around 6.5 to 7.5 and temperature 75 to 86 F. They can be fed with lives bloodworms etc. When you order from us you will receive healthy, beautiful, 6″ to 7″ size Jardini Arwanas.

    • Albino Silver Arowana – 4 – 6″


      This is truly one of the most sought after arowanas in the fish hobby! The Albino Silver Arowana is rarely seen in the fish trade industry and this is your chance to own this gorgeous fish! hese natural carnivores are known to eat practically any creature it can fit into its mouth, including baby monkeys. In the wild, they are…

    • Silver Arowana (Osteoglossum Bichorisum )5 in


      The Silver Arowana is a very popular aquarium fish. The Silver Arowana has some very unique features that make it so attractive. It’s swimming style mimics that of a snake on water. It’s large hatch-like mouth for grabbing large prey. One of our favorite features are its large eyes, that never seem to take their gaze off of you. The…

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