African Cichlid

African Cichlid
    • Black Widow Frontosa


      The Black Widow Frontosa Cichlid (Cyphotilapia frontosa) is a profound water Tanganyikan animal groups that develops to a bigger size than most different cichlids that occupy the huge crack lake. It possesses faint, profound, still waters in the lake and lean towards these equivalent circumstances in the aquarium. They are 1 1/4 to 1 3/4 inch sizes.

    • Vieja Regani


      Tank arrangement isn’t basic as the fish will orchestrate the stylistic layout to go for whatever itself might prefer. Rocks, bogwood, and branches can be utilized yet guarantee they are safely situated to forestall the aquarium glass being broken, should the fish unstick them. Sand or fine rock substrate is suggested. Lighting levels are not basic and respectable filtration ought…

    • Smiling Dwarf Acara


      with a few particular geological races, which have been mixed in hostage stocks. These cichlids can change the tone rapidly. A few people show an impressive tone, particularly blue in the body and red in the balances. Rearing fish take on especially extreme shading. A dull spot in the dorsal balance is frequently present. Our Smiling Dwarf Acara size 1…

    • P. Euchilus


      It is from 3 to 3.5 inch size, very colorful, beautiful fish

    • Pundamilia Nyererei Victorian Cichlid


      Pundamilia nyererei Victorian Cichlids an exceptionally mainstream African Cichlid species that is local to Lake Victoria and a few encompassing regions. It has various wild populaces that are commonly detached from each other, and a significant number of these populaces show shading varieties that are one of a kind to every single populace. A significant number of these common variations…

    • Male Yellow Sided peacock Cichlids


      Males will have the most color, while most females with will lack the color of the males. To have the most coloration you want to order a dominant male. They do better with group. We recommend to have at least 3 of them in a tank.

    • chilotilapia rhoadesii malawi bream


      Chilotilapia rhoadesiiĀ  should be kept in an aquarium with large caves and other hiding places among large rocks. They prefer a coarse bottom substrate. This species is best kept in groups. Our chilotilapia rhoadesii malawi breams are 3 inch size.

    • Blue Peacock


      The Blue Peacock Cichlid, Aulonocara nyassae, originates from the rough, sandy shores of Lake Malawi, Africa. The guys are a splendid yellow to metallic blue, though, the females take on a dreary darker to dim shading. The Blue Peacock Cichlid does well in an aquarium that is at any rate 55 gallons with a lot of rocks for domains and…

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